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April 2007

Web Sites for items discussed at the April 2007 ABACUS Meeting

This month's episode: We were all dispirited over the death of our long-time newsletter editor, Delmar Severy, a week prior to the April meeting. He succumbed to complications from esophageal cancer that had been diagnosed the the previous August.

Nevertheless, Roger led off by asking where he could get the best deal on a new Macintosh for his wife Rachel. Warren told Roger about the on-line Apple Store Special Deals page, which sometimes offers discounted, refurbished Apple computers and other products. He also mentioned DealMac, a site which tracks bargains on Macs and other electronic items.

Somehow, the conversation then wandered over to the topic of MP3 player software. Roger again showed us the site for Rockbox open-source MP3 player software, which he had talked about in February.

Despite death being on all our minds (or perhaps because of it), Roger started talking about religious humor Web sites he had found. First up was ShaBot 6000, a comic strip about a nice Jewish boy and his shabbos goy robot. He followed up with another comic strip site, Jesus and Mo, the story of two friends, Jesus and Mohammed, hanging out and commenting on current events.

This naturally led Warren to bring up his favorites in this category, The Church of the SubGenius and Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He mentioned that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster had been started to mock the anti-evolutionary stance of the Kansas Board of Education. Warren also showed us a site that looked like it might be a joke, but was dead serious: The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic.

From there the topic wandered like an errant housefly over to JDiskReport, a free disk usage analysis tool written in Java, and two on-line reference sites, and, before finally landing on the subject of on-line 'escape from the room' games.

Roger shared with us his two favorite sites of this type, FASCO-CS and Lazylaces. He also demonstrated one of the games, where the object was to escape from a locked room using only the objects discovered in the room, by manipulating them in the proper sequence. You don't have to be a computer programmer to enjoy this type of game, but it certainly helps.

Roger jumped from there to the topic of Eepybird, the Web home of the two guys who shoot geysers of Diet Coke by dropping Mentos candies into the bottles. Warren responded with his latest video faavorite from a site called Videojug entitled "How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand". Very instructional. (Videojug also has videos on more serious topics.)

To further aid Roger's quest for a new computer for his wife, Warren showed a few more Mac-related Web sites, Macintouch, one of the best places on the Web for Macintosh news, and TechRestore, a Mac repair service that also sells refurbished computers.

Finally, Roger pointed out that the parenting blog he works for, BloggingBaby, had been renamed ParentDish. It was a disjointed meeting, with a cloud hanging over it.

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