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ABACUS is an informal group of current and former Atari users who meet once a month to discuss various computer-related topics, and to share information, tips, and rumors. Established in 1981 by future Antic and STart publisher James Capparell, ABACUS is the oldest continuously active Atari user group in the San Francisco Bay Area.

General ABACUS Meetings

Starting in 2006 and thereafter, ABACUS meetings will be held bimonthly, rather than monthly. This was done to avoid conflicts with major holidays, such as Independence Day and Labor Day. Meetings will be held in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Our meetings are generally held on the first Saturday of every other month at the Sinasohn house in San Francisco. Since we occasionally have conflicts, it is best to check our meetings page, our weblog, your newsletter (if you are a member) or e-mail our fearless leader, Roger Sinasohn. Meetings are from approximately 1pm to about 5pm. Meetings are FREE and open to everyone.

See what's happening at the next meeting.

At our meetings, members share information on the latest Atari and other computer-related news and give demonstrations of new products. We also offer help and guidance to any users needing it.

Special Events

We also publicize special events of interest to our members, such as the Classic Gaming Expo. See our Special Events listing for details.

Membership Information

Dues are $20.00 per year for which you receive the monthly newsletter and support one of the last active Atari-based computer clubs. You can join at the meetings or by mail. The membership application is available on-line!

The Newsletter

A monthly newsletter containing the latest Atari and other computer news, features and reviews as well as humor, product info, and club announcements is mailed bi-monthly to all ABACUS members with full membership. Articles come from a wide range of sources including the Internet, ABACUS members, and other user group newsletters. Each newsletter typically contains 3-10 pages of information.

Software Library

Browse through our extensive software library full of shareware and public domain software. The library includes old favorites as well as the latest versions of the newest software, ranging from graphics and desktop publishing to games, MIDI, utilities and other useful applications, all at a low, low price. NOTE: The software library is currently available by appointment only. Please look first at our FTP server (link below) for your software needs.

FTP Server

The ABACUS FTP Server is online here! Download software, images, videos, fonts, and more. Our special thanks to Bob Conner for setting up and maintaining this service.


New! The ABACUS Weblog is now online. We haven't done much with it yet, but check here for late-breaking ABACUS news, such as last-minute meeting changes and cancellations.


If you have any other questions, please e-mail the club president, Roger Sinasohn, or check out some of our other online Atari links and resources.

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