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June 2006

Web Sites for items discussed at the June 2006 ABACUS Meeting

This month's episode: We continued a discussion begun at the April meeting regarding what our newsletter editor Del should get to replace his wife Billie's Web TV device. Del was thinking about some kind of low-cost laptop computer that she could use while lying in bed and wanted our advice. This evolved into a discussion of other small-form-factor computers that could be used for this purpose, such as the Mac Mini. We then discussed Web shopping sites where he could try to get the best price.

We also discussed the Firefox Web browser as a pallative for the ills produced from Internet Explorer. Finally we covered a miscelleny of Web-based services old and new, such as one of Roger's long-time favorites, iStockphoto and such upstarts as the Skype phone service. Roger also somehow shoehorned in a show-and-tell of CD Burner XP Pro, free CD/DVD burning software for Windows.

Possible Replacements for Billie's Web TV:

Assorted Web Services:
CD Burning Software:

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